Town of Tewksbury

With land being donated by the Town of Tewksbury,  HFHGL will begin construction in the spring of 2015 of a single family home at 110 State Street, Tewksbury.  The Tewksbury Congregational Church has created the Tewksbury Build Committee and is organizing build days and fundraising events .  More information to be involved may be found on the web site http://www.tewksburyhabitatbuild.org/

What is a HFHGL Partnership?

HFHGL local partnerships are groups of caring and concerned volunteers that come together to help HFHGL further its mission of affordable housing opportunities in a specific city or town. HFHGL serves 15 Massachusetts cities and towns, and is aiming to build a local partnership in each one. Local partnerships help with the following:

Fundraising: Local partnerships work to identify local fundraising opportunities within a town. Some examples of past local partnership fundraisers include, charity poker and bridge tournaments, Buy-a-Boards, restaurant benefit nights, and plant sales. HFHGL also looks to its local partnerships to help identify corporate sponsors in their communities, as well as faith groups, civic organizations, and schools that may be willing to hold or participate in a fundraiser.
Land Identification: Local partnerships help to identify land or homes in need of renovation that could be donated to HFHGL affordable housing initiatives. Local partnerships work exclusively with HFHGL staff to discuss and negotiate land opportunities.
Building: We need volunteers! Local partnerships provide a majority of the volunteer labor needed to build a homce once we have a project going in their communities. Local partnerships also often help with scheduling volunteers and finding community groups to donate lunches to on-site workers.
Public Awareness: The residents that make up a HFHGL local partnership are tapped into their community and often take advantage of local opportunities to get the word out about Habitat. Some examples of past local partnership public awareness activities include, town homecoming days, working with a local access television channel, speaking engagements at civic organizations and faith groups, and more.


For more information about starting a HFHGL Local Partnership in YOUR town, please contact Brenda Gould, HFHGL  Executive Director, at execdir@lowellhabitat.org