The Westford Local Partnership

On October 5, 2008 more than 100 supporters helped dedicate our newest home in Westford. While two more weeks of work were necessary to finish the inside and to obtain an occupancy permit, it was a wonderful day for both the Bourassa family and for Habitat. Our fastest build, our greenest build (LEED Platinum), the most affordable home in the area, and our most documented build, this new home proves habitat is one of the best builders in the New England.

We achieved Platinum LEED certification on this home with a total cost under $175,000. The “extra” costs associated with the energy efficient design and materials were less than $10,000. The homeowner has already seen a major reduction in her heating over her small two bedroom apartment. “I can’t believe how low my energy bills are. The home, which is more than double the size of my apartment, is costing me less than 30% of my old bills. And I have a home, my own home.”

The Westford Local Partnership that worked so hard building this energy efficient home is beginning to plan its next Westford home. If you would like to help, please send us an email at info@lowellhabitat.org.