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Thanks to you and countless others, Recycle That and its affiliates have recycled to date, nearly 230 million pounds of used and unwanted textiles and household goods.

“Live simply so that others may simply live.” – - Mohandas Gandhi

Voluntary simplicity is a not a new concept.  Duane Elgin’s 1981 book, Voluntary Simplicity was a powerful catalyst for increasing awareness about the need for individuals and society to find sustainable ways to live.

Choosing to live a life of simplicity is not about choosing to live in poverty; it is about living in balance and helping people change their lives and collectively helping to create a better world. 

Take a step toward voluntary simplicity by donating your unwanted clothing, shoes, books and small housewares in one of our collection boxes to help others change their lives.

Recycle That container is located at the ReStore Billerica


Recycle That is a for profit offering community organization an easy, no cost and no risk way to encourage recycling and raise awareness of the community organization.

Recycle That will pay Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell for used and unwanted clothing, shoes, backpacks, fashion accessories, books and CDs/DVDs deposited in their collection boxes.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell is seeking new collection box host sites.  By placing a box at your location and participating in the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell donation program, your business benefits in a number of ways.  To learn more about how your business can help read more at: Recycle That Donation Box Host Benefits1

Did you know: In addition to relieving our already-crowded landfills of approximately 700 pounds of textiles, one full collection box supports Habitat by enabling the purchase equivalent of:

  • 10 – 2×4 studs
  • 3-4 sheets dry wall
  • 1 bundle of shingles
  • 1-2 rolls fiberglass insulation
  • 5 lb box of drywall screws
  • 2,500 framing nails for nail gun


Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell has a Recycle That collection box at
the Habitat ReStore, 257 Boston Road, Billerica, MA.

To host a Recycle That collection box at your location contact Matt Libby at 978-726-3834.  Please tell him you are affiliated with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell.