Hold a “Tool Drive”

Youth can collect new and used tools to help replenish Habitat’s supplies. Collected items can be put in boxes and brought to the construction site. Items can include hammers, tape measures, utility knives, carpenter pencils, garbage bags, etc.

Build Planters (or other simple carpentry items)

Groups are encouraged to build and fill flower planters, and present them to the homeowner family during the dedication ceremony. In this way, young volunteers can do something significant for the homeowner family (as well as get a tour of the completed home). Basic plans are available for many other woodworking projects as well.


Volunteers of all ages are needed for our fundraising efforts. Some specific ideas include:

-Collecting change in “House Banks”.
-Holding a bake sale, garage sale, car wash, talent show, spaghetti dinner, dance or raffle.
-Selling Habitat t-shirts.
-Drawing greeting cards to be sold at a Habitat fundraiser
-A list of many other proven youth fundraising ideas is available from the office

Proceeds from a fundraiser can be designated toward a specific item, such as the washing machine, a tree, doors, etc. Youth can see the result of their efforts when they tour the home during the house dedication.

Alternative Spring Break & Service Learning

HFHGL offers alternative spring break opportunities for student groups to volunteer their time working on a construction site. In addition, HFHGL has several students that volunteer their time working on special projects in our office in exchange for community service hours. To find out more about these special opportunities, please e-mail

Advocacy & Education

Create community awareness about the issues surrounding poverty housing and homelessness. Ideas include having manning information tables at community events, or speaking to classrooms and groups about what Habitat does. Some materials are available. Speakers are also available.

Make a Meal

Make sandwiches or put together a lunch for worksite volunteers. Youth can serve lunch, pour drinks, and even set the picnic tables.

Additional Resources

Click here for additional opportunities and educational resources for youth of all ages.
For more information, e-mail We look forward to finding a project for your youth group.