Homes Built

  110 State Street, Tewksbury, MA
Completed December 2015

final friendship st house95 Friendship St, Billerica
This handicap accessible home was completed in July 2015

Final Willie St House 052815133-135 Willie Street Lowell Completed Dec 2014

Rock St 111314 (7)
49-55 Rock Street , Lowell MA

This four home build was completed early 2014

Carter Way , Bedford, MA
This Eight home neighborhood was completed in November 2012.
Williams Avenue, Westford, MA
LEED Platinum certification – finished Fall 2008.

Governors Drive, Reading, MA
HFHGL closed on these two homes in August 2007. Both of the houses were new construction.
Baker Avenue, Concord, MA
This property, a duplex, was completed in 2005.
Harmony Way, Lowell, MA
HFHGL’s largest project to date, Harmony Way is a three-duplex property that provides affordable housing for six HFHGL partner families. The project was completed in 2004.
Nichols Street, Lowell, MA
The Nichols Street renovation project was completed in 2001.
Barrington Street, Lowell, MA
The Barrington Street project began as a donated, boarded up house that required a complete renovation. The home was completed in 2000.
Summer Street, Lowell, MA
This project was completed in 1998.
Austin Road, Billerica, MA
Glenside Road, Billerica, MA