Due to the Corna Virus the ReStore is temporarily closed until further notice.  Please note there is no shopping, donation pickups and volunteering.  PLEASE do not drop off items while the ReStore is closed.  This causes a hazard and it is expensive for Habitat.
Thank you for your understanding and support.  Stay Healthy.
100 Chelmsford Road, No Billerica (Rte 129, in the back).
(across the street from Chelsmsford Form Ice Rink/Brick Kiln Road)
Donate goods today to help make a difference in the Greater Lowell Community. ReStore accepts donations from individuals looking to clear clutter or vendors with overstock inventory.

Store Hours
Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

 Donation Hours
Wed-Friday 11-4pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm
(please call ahead for large donations. We also offer free donation pick ups)
**Please do not drop off items after store hours

What is a Restore and how does it work?

The Greater Lowell Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a store located in No. Billerica, MA which sells new and gently used items to the public. All items are donated to the ReStore and are a tax deductible contribution. Once cleaned and priced, the items are then sold to the public at steeply discounted prices. Whenever possible, appropriate items are set aside for the construction of Habitat homes. Income from the ReStore generates funding to build more homes.

Funds raised by the ReStore provide direct support of Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing simple, decent, affordable housing in the community.  You can help!

ReStore’s mission is to:

— Generate funds to build more affordable homes in the Greater Lowell area, incorporating our Christian based principles and allowing more hard-working, low-income families in the community the chance of homeownership.

— Provide new and gently used home improvement materials and household goods and appliances at affordable prices to people of all income levels.

— Be Green! By keeping useable building materials, home improvement products and appliances out of local landfills saving valuable space, time and money.   See what’s new at the RESTORE  click here


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 Listen to the ReStore JINGLE
ReStore- How a donated doorknob helps Habitat do more!




Rob Robilard Concord CarpenterRob Robillard – A Concord Carpenter removes doors and windows from the Stout home in Concord and donates to the ReStore:  Click Here to see the video and interview



Another way to Recycle is to:
Donate a Car to Habitat for Humanity and help build homes