Changing Lives

See how hard work and your support can change lives.

Tracy L.

“Having a Habitat for Humanity home is truly a blessing for the kids and I. One of the things I look forward to the most is gathering together for dinner. It’s been years since we’ve had room for a kitchen table and I can’t wait to spend that time together.”
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Delilah A.

“I prayed for this day every night.
I don’t know anyone as strong as my mom, she made this happen for us.”
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Clara P.

“I worried about my children’s wellbeing and I have always tried to stay strong and positive for them. Being chosen by Habitat to live in a safe place we can call our ‘Home, Sweet Home’ means the world to me. I will never give up trying to make things better for my family.”
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Zaw A. and Hel P.

“We are so thankful to all the people who helped us get this house and to everyone who is coming out to help us build our home.”
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Ngay M. and Mee R.

“We are thankful for Habitat and all those who have come out to volunteer to help build our home and make our dream of owning a home come true”.
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Sokhom U. and Somonthara P.

“We are grateful for a program like Habitat for giving us the opportunity to own a home and stay in this city we love”.
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