Building Affordable Homes

We strongly believe that hard working families deserve a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. Our goal is to have energy efficient, easy to maintain houses for our families to live in. Above all, we want to make sure that we fit into the “landscape” of the neighborhood.

When appropriate, we will build single family homes – be it ranch style, garrison colonials, split levels or even a cape style. If the neighborhood allows multi family homes, we will build a duplex or multi family – either side by side, front to back or the “flat” style with one unit on top of the other. We will add ramps as necessary for handicap accessibility.  Overall, we build full basement homes for new construction. If we are renovating, we may not be able to include a basement but we make every effort to give families the necessary storage space for items like bikes, strollers, yard furniture, etc. We may even add a garage if it’s needed to blend into the neighborhood. Every chance we can help families to be good neighbors, we do our best to make happen. Overall we build  simple, decent, energy efficient and affordable houses. Our families then make them wonderful, memory filled, happy homes!