Longtime Billerica Residents Receive Critical Home Repair

Linda Ann and Marc agree that Habitat Lowell’s Critical Repair Program is a “true blessing.” The couple met at a party when they were 16, married soon after, and have been together for 59 years. They’ve lived in their Billerica home for 36 years.

Linda Ann has severe osteoporosis and a rare type of breast cancer. Frequent bone breaks and ongoing chemotherapy treatments have seriously limited her mobility. For the past two years, she’s been confined mostly to her bed as sitting is very uncomfortable. Marc wheels her around in a wheelchair as needed. Recently, Marc has relied on his son and even the fire department to help him get Linda Ann safely out of the house for doctor’s appointments.

Thanks to a grant from the Saab Family Foundation, our Critical Home Repair team installed a ramp to help her get around safely.

“We just can’t thank you and Habitat for Humanity enough for what you have done,” the couple said.

Click here to learn more about volunteering on a build or critical repair site!

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